Kyeong Heo Sunim

Zen Master Kyong Heo (1871-1946), who was Seung Sahn Sunim's Grand teacher, was born in a small town in the Korean province of Cholla Buk Do. He became a monk in the year 1883 at the temple Dong Hak Sa on Kye Ryong Mountain. His first teacher was Tae Heo Sunim, but from an early age he began to study with Zen Master Kyong Ho.

Kyong Heo Sunim attained enlightenment at an early age while staying at Chon Jang Am near Seo San, and after receiving Dharma transmission from Zen Master Kyong Ho, spent most of his life living and teaching near the temple Su Dok Sa, on Deok Sung San mountain. Kyong Heo Sunim taught for many years and had numerous Dharma Disciples, including monks, nuns and laymen. During his final days, he resided at Jeon Wol Am, near the top of Deok Sung San mountain. He died at the age of 75, having been a monk for 62 years.