Yearly Events


New Year’s Ceremony

Join us on New Year’s Eve for a chanting marathon, beginning at 5:00 p.m., and ending with a special New Year’s Day ceremony at midnight.  You can also have a chance to eat the traditional Korean rice cake soup (Deok-Guk)!


Lunar New Year's Day Ceremony (Gu Jung)

On the Lunar (so-called Chinese) New Year, which differs every year according to the solar calendar, we do special chanting and eat rice cake soup Duck Kook.  In the afternoon we play the traditional Korean game Yut-Nori.

Spring Welcoming Ceremony (Ip Chun)

A traditional ceremony to welcome in the spring.  The date differs every year, but this past year it was held on February 4.


Buddha’s Birthday Ceremony and Lotus Lantern Parade

Buddha’s Birthday is the most important holiday in the Buddhist calendar, celebrating the appearance in this world of the historical Shakyamuni Buddha. His birthday is celebrated on different dates in different countries, but in Korea it is usually held on April 8, by the Lunar calendar, which is usually sometime in May according to the Solar calendar. On the first Sunday in May, we hold a unified Buddhist lantern parade, where all the different Buddhist groups in New York get together and celebrate at one time.


Summer Getaway

A hiking trip or other fun excursion held in the peak of the summer season! Date and other details TBA.