Practice Guide

Temple Rules

4. On Speech
Your evil tongue will lead you to ruin. You must keep the stopper in the bottle. Only open it when necessary. Always speak well, in the manner of a Bodhisattva. Do not use vulgar language in the temple.
If you come upon two people fighting, do not provoke them by angry speech. Rather use good words to soothe their anger. Do not make the bad karma of lying, exaggerating, making trouble between people, or cursing others.
Once a man spoke incorrectly and was reborn a fox for 500 generations. After he heard the correct speech, he lost his fox's body. What is correct and incorrect speech?
If you open your mouth, I will hit you thirty times.
If you close your mouth, I will still hit your thirty times.
You must grab the word-head (kong-an) and not let go.
The dog is barking. Wong, wong, wong!
The cat is meowing. Meow, meow, meow

5. On Eating
An eminent teacher said, "A day without work is a day without eating."
There are two kinds of work: inside work and outside work. Inside work is keeping clear mind. Outside work is cutting off selfish desires and helping others.
First work, then eat.
Eat in silence. Do not make unnecessary noise.
While eating, attend only to yourself. Do not be concerned with the actions of others.
Accept what is served with gratitude. Do not cling to your likes and dislikes.
Do not seek satisfaction in eating. Eat only to support yourself in your practice.
Though you may eat good food all your life, your body will die.
The Great Way is not difficult.
Simply cut off all thought of good and bad.
Salt is salty,
Sugar is sweet.

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