Practice Guide

Temple Rules

3. On Conduct
Always act with others. Do not put yourself above others by acting differently. Arrogance is not permitted in the temple.
Money and sex are like a spiteful snake. Put your concern with them far away.  In the Dharma Room always walk behind those seated in meditation. At talks and ceremonies, keep the proper posture and dress. Do not talk or laugh loudly in the Dharma Room.
If you have business outside the temple which causes you to miss ceremonies or meals, notify one of the temple officials before you leave.
Respect those older than you. Love those younger than you. Keep your mind large and open.
If you meet sick people, love and help them. Be hospitable to guests. Make them welcome and attend to their needs.
When respected people visit the temple, bow to them and speak considerately to them.
Be courteous. Always let others go before you.
Help other people.
Do not play games with other people.
Do not gossip.
Do not use other people's shoes and coats.
Do not cling to the scriptures.
Do not oversleep.
Do not be frivolous.
Let older and more respected people be seated before you.
Do not discuss petty temple matters with guests.
When visiting outside the temple, speak well of the temple to others.
Drinking to produce heedlessness, or acting out of lust will only make bad karma and destroy your practice. You must be strong and think correctly. Then these desires cannot tempt you.
Do not delude yourself into thinking you are a great and free person. This is not true Buddhism.
Attend only to yourself. Do not judge the actions of others.
Do not make the bad karma of killing, stealing, or of lust.
Originally there is nothing.
But Buddha practiced unmoving under the Bodhi tree for six years.
And for nine years Bodhidharma sat silently in Sorim.
If you can break the wall of your self
You will become infinite in time and space.

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