Practice Guide

Temple Rules

1. On Keeping the Bodhi Mind
You must first make a firm decision to attain Enlightenment and help others. You already have the five or ten precepts. Know when to keep them and when to break them, when they are open and when they are closed. Let go of your small self and become your true self.
In original nature
There is no this and that.
The Great Round Mirror
Has no likes or dislikes.

2. On Mindfulness
Do not cling to your opinions. Do not discuss your private views with others. To cling to and defend your opinions is to destroy your practice. Put away all your opinions. This is true Buddhism.
Do not go where you have no business. Do not listen to talk which does not concern you.
Do not make the bad karma of desire, anger, or ignorance.
If in this lifetime
You do not open your mind,
You cannot digest
Even one drop of water.

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